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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


reminds me of mario and all its stereotypes! great game by the way


Good job

Level Troubles

All the levels can be beaten with any character, you just have to stack the blocks to do it! I expected more from you gamers!

Bug Report

In level two, when I was playing as Bruno, I reached the room with the big blocks, the one bomb plant, and the fruit along the ceiling. I walked through the next door, but when I saw that the next room (the one with the green locked door) had nothing directly under me, I quickly pressed up and was able to successfully reenter the room I had just come from, where I found the bomb plant and the fruit to have reappeared.

That aside, this game was great. I especially enjoyed the art style. Very original, but at the same time the backgrounds kind of reminded me of Yoshi's Island for the SNES (great game). The music was good, too. Great job overall.


geusepi maria bruno? its from Mafia 2 WHERES VITO