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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


A good remix of Super Mario 2. Gameplay was excellent. My only problem is it has freezes up for about 30 seconds every once in a while. But other than that great game. Oh and contiue the good work.

that was pretty cool

i did like it,
over all great artwork,
not too hard,
&& very well done.

the only thing that i didn't like was that it didn't hold my attention for too long.

Not that original

It was fun, but apart from the title, the playable characters and the endboss there was no real difference between this and SMB2; I think that it could be made funnier and more fitting to the mafioso theme.
I didn't have any performance problems, but I found it distracting, that I had to switch to the mouse now and then; I would have preferred if I could stay with the keyboard.

If you start with Maria and decide to select Giuseppe for the 2nd level (the arrow already preselects him), you will play again as Maria, instead of Giuseppe.


Kinda weird and buggy. For example, things stay stuck in the air when you pick them (sometimes), The red guy is too big for the doors, maria can walk in the air and if a bomb explodes while you pick up it explodes. It's like Mafia Bros 2 hack.

iliked the concept

but the amount of downtime i was getting, it was hard to find the game fun when 1 simple jump takes over 10 second to do, if the slow down was sorted ill give this game a higher rate, but for now i give 3/5 i like the conept and the funnyness and 7/10