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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


boy did that take me back lol good job!10/10

yes and no

w00tw00t 10 for great overall, excellent choice of music, hillarious additions to the smb2 game, and funny mafia spinoffs.
no no no horrible for choosing smb2 to remake, most mario fans can say that sm2 was the biggest epic fail for mario gameplay...but that doesnt mean ppl cant like it. im not sayin "it sucks and if u dont think so then ur retarded" just sayin, .....try remaking super mario bros 3 (thats the one with daisy, and if it isnt, remake the one with daisy) next time..... most mario fans loved that game the most...so..good job on making smb2 not suck

very good

its like super mario advance but different characters and rap music

a character looks like luigi

if u lose with the green guy it will look like luigi hahah