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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

This is a really fun game!

Ah, this takes me back.

I can honestly say that this is the first truly enjoyable flash game I've played in quite some time! Great job on giving a fresh twist on the classics


Hold A while jumping to go a super distance.

While fighting the boss, if you're having trouble, trying landing on the eggs and lifting them. It's complex and time consuming, but can be done.

Great game, otherwise. Didn't get a chest at the end though, and I doubt I'll be back.

pretty awesome for a SMB 2 remake

Smb2 is my least favorite in the whole mario series, probably partially for the fact that it's was not originally a mario game, but that's a whole other topic all together. to the dude below me, the controls were PERFECT, any time a play an emulator with my keyboard I always set run as a and up for jump. I enjoyed the creativity that went into the design of the characters and levels. I liked the fact that it was challenging and not super easy. I also really enjoyed the new mini game, I always hated the slot machine in the original. Anyway great job.


This is a perfect recreation of Super Mario, with a nice twist!

rely fun

awesome and addicting, in a good way. u should make a sequel