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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


You think it's gonna be some super awesome shooting game with mario and friends, but instead you get a super awesome super mario bros. 2 game with Luigi and friends. Awesome job man!


This is just like Super Mario Bros. 2, but a little harder and with some tricky controls.


Hold A while jumping to go a super distance.

While fighting the boss, if you're having trouble, trying landing on the eggs and lifting them. It's complex and time consuming, but can be done.

Great game, otherwise. Didn't get a chest at the end though, and I doubt I'll be back.


This game is completely cool and easy!
The grapics are awesome too
But it's kinda obvious
WTF!Who cares?
This game still rocks!

rely fun

awesome and addicting, in a good way. u should make a sequel