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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

zeroes eight!!!?

i dont understand it's a good game it dont desurv thees notes!!!


this is pretty gd
good stuff and that guy who gave u a 0 is probbly a stupid loser lol
good work!

Absolute tribute.

Perfect in almost every level of Super Mario Land (aka Super Mario 2). Only problems I had were the controller's choice (up to jump rather then "S" witch is right next to "A" as it would perfectly emulate our old NES) and the short "game" in overall. But I guess it is more then enough considering its a free flash game made as a tribute, so non of those issues would in any way affect my score :D 10/10 heads down.

SMB 2... brings back good memories

Your game is clearly the best tribute to SMB 2...
You rock!

Made me feel nostalgic!

I thought it was a great flash game, it was a little buggy, and the boss of level 3 was kinda unreasonably hard, I mean I was spot on with the bombs and sometimes i would get killed when I should have grabbed it.
And though I hear a lot of people complain over the fact that Super Mario Bros 2 was actually a rip off of Doki Doki Panic, I really dont see what the big issue is. I've played both SMB2 and DDP and there are things I like about each, and things I dont like about each.
The only thing that really concerned me was the fruit collecting, that was a bit of a stumper for me, I mean the game somehow revolved around pizza and mafia, but for some odd reason im collecting fruit, I mean why not pepperoni mushrooms peppers and onions, or even sacks of cash?
Either way this was a great flash game, the music was awesome I could actually listen to it without getting annoyed.
If I were you id consider improving on a few things and making it a feature length flash game, or make different episodes to it.
Either way keep up the great job.