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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


No game series has ever been so consistently able to piss me off as Mario. Add some variety other than emulating SMB2 (worst in the series imo), give us an attack of some kind, and fix the door glitching (stuck in a wall; bombed while going through).
Surprisingly few guns for a mafia game...


Ok,so Super Mafia Land,eh?Well the title isn't something,but a game is not made of titles!So super mafia land is a platformer like any other...yea...no innovations,good and responsive controls,good characters or really any of the stuff that makes a game...good!First of all the,controls felt like total bullshit and your character was way crippled while everything else acts like it has a fucking propeller in their ass!The characters were not good either and it didn't really make much difference if you chose the strong guy or the one who jumps higher,and since there is no story to speak of character choosing becomes pointless which is unfortunate.Overall,this seems to have a lot of ambition but ....look pu there....look what i wrote...i am sure you will make a sequel that will be awesome :D !


I love this game it was a bit slow but oh well the graphics where nice ever considered making a smb2 styled game starring mario?

Sigh, yet another Mario parody...

Come on, couldn't you be more original? Just slightly?


Grate game, really hard but not too hard to beet