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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"


Very fun game. The next game you should make is Super Mafia Kart. That would be fun.

I like it

I liked the game, there were bugs in the lifting bricks and placing them ontop of eachother. Also the art was nice but I didnt love the run cycles way too much, and I didnt like how all the characters were the same sept the main characters you need more diversity that is related to the actual concept of mafia.

Otherwise I think its a great tribute.

Nice Remix their.

What can i say it's fun and thats all you need to know. must play

=S que cosa mas confuza

for call it super mafia bros need guns an another type of game but is good


In order to get this game you need to know how to play Super Mario Bros 2. For Birdo, the first boss, you have to jump on the egg and pick it up like a vegetable from the ground and then throw it at him. This is a good game but after a while it got laggy, around the sandy area.