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Reviews for "Unknown Valentine Special"

Ok, I watched both

I was expecting a terribly overdone one for the female choice, and was surprised for it to actually be nice.
Then I watched the male one and laughed my ass off.

So I guess this means you were 200 % successful ^^


lol this,,,movie,,, is ,,,,, AWESOME :D:D:D:D:D 10/10 5/5


You've got a great idea there, man! It was hilarious, keep up the good work!


First, off, very good comedic timing,(with the version for males) it was perfect, the drawings were clean and nice, and the animation was very smooth, good use of sound as well, the having the two gendered choice of animations seemed funny at first but when I though about it it really makes a lot of sense and was a good choice on your behalf. I imagine, my wife probably wouldn't get a kick out of the male version just like I don't really get a kick out of the female, version, but that being said, both were well done and fit their purposes, keep up the good work.