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Reviews for "Unknown Valentine Special"


I like your trying in pleasing both sexes, but being of the male persuasion, I dont mind the female side, more flowing with the flash and with valentines day spirit.
But it was very funny on the male side :).


...Sorry, but I thought this was really stupid. It was pretty boring, and I thought it was really lame that in the female version they fall in love and in the male version they get shot in the head. I just thought it was really... Iuno. Sexist?

Jack-Mace responds:

Well.. at least it's an honest review.
And I am not a sexist...Just wanted to make both genders happy.


The male version of it is MUCh better =]

i like

if you're a girl you gotta watch both they hilarious heehee


why does valentines day so important to other people, it's not that i hate it but i can't seem to understand why valentines was even made for those who seeks true romance and their compatible partners.Why would they bother spending so much money only for the sake of one girl, it's not like she's the only girl in the world who you will only love. Love for me isn't eternal if you just think it's a normal thing for a human being to feel. it's more complicated than that......

sorry but that how i see it. don't mind me just believe in yourslef that you can do anything for her/him even if its armagedon haha

Jack-Mace responds:

Nice.. someone with the same ideas about valentine as mine. I totally agree.