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Reviews for "Valentine's Day 2009"


Excellent art style, fluency, and plot. Good job!


one of the best valentines day submissions i've seen, i loved how it was cute and wholesome even though there were zombies running rampant.

:D freaking marshmallows! i want a t-shirt of that

Dawww.. is so sweet!

The little screaming marshmallows being roasted were the best. Saving hearts from zombies. Such a good cause for which to have a holiday.

Many people don't know, but that's the true meaning of Valentine's Day, when St. Valentine sacrificed himself to stop the Zombie hoards by infecting himself with Life Virus... so the zombies would come to life so they could be killed.

It makes sense when you think about it... especially after a looooong drinking binge... of turpentine. X_x


Probably the best Valentines flash I've watched this year, smooth animation, clean graphics and a very affectionative crest with it. Love the blurry style of drawing, and the way the pictures flow together, keep up the great work!



nice story

zombie fishing sounds fun

but the best part is all of the zombie are infront of a mall

and the boy and girl were on the outskirts of the citiy watching the stars and roasting marshmellows XD

perfect score