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Reviews for "Valentine's Day 2009"


i may sound emo but that was kinda lame.....

Aweee :3

That was almost to cute.

I like the marshmallows :D

How cute

As twisted and weird as that is...it's the sweetest freakin thing I've seen all day! I really liked the song in it too. My only problem with it was how it was sorta jiggly. But then again I have a cold so jiggly things bug me more than they normally would lol. Overall good flash though.


that was really amazing..

Very cute!

I loved it! If it's possible to make zombie infestation cute, you've done it. I liked the music, the animation (especially the expressions on the little people), and the whole idea of making a zombie invasion romantic. I don't normally fall in for cute stuff, but this has zombies in it! I hope you and your fiancée had a wonderful Valentine's Day :D .