Reviews for "Valentine's Day 2009"


This is like an Advanced piece of work, so your hard work does show in the visuals, and thats what really impressed me the most, You have Executed everything very well, and this flowed like majic, so nice job there, I am Excitedly reviewing this and hope to review more of your work sometime soon. While this was a touching story and the artwork was pretty good, I did think you could have added more improved animation, there was not too much of it, nice work though. OK so seems like there was some time and effort put into this thats all fine and dandy but still I came across some thing that could be better, but overall it was a good flash entry and I can see it being upgrded for more enjoy for everyone watching.

I really found your flash interesting but still has room for improvments, so with these ideas I hope you can make it somewhat better, hope the ideas do help as you do have a decent flash entry here. Just keep up the quality some nice effort in cleaning things up is always a plus aswell, so just think about those ideas and roll with it. This could use more animation not just little bits here and there but more animation all around.


awesome animation and really is touching

Best fiancee ever! Your animations are my favourite, with the wicked happy and original hand-drawn style. I can't WAIT to see what wicked cool romantic things you guys do in this year's installment... please let there be one. :3


So cuuuuuuute <3


that was so cute :)