Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

holy whore house!

This game is amazingly difficult,I had 7 attacker building pumping out cacti and then the nukes came,I got owned and proceeded with thinking angry thoughts.Good game though,Too hard


it was enjoyable yet harder than i expected A+ lold

Gah! Took Forever! and a day!

good game but that stupid fortress kept regaining all its health when it built a new base at the end, good challenege though

mofunzone responds:

Haha, did you defeat it?

Wow that rocked!

That was a really callenging game man keep it up!


It really sends a message about the environment, and all and all, it's a great game. Like the person below me said, it wasn't laggy when there was a lot of things on the screen, but I found it weird that it red screened when you click off screen. The music was a long loop, but it never got boring. It kept me going for an hour and a half maybe i'm exagerating, until I beat the game. But now my mom's pissed. Great game. 10/10 5/5.