Reviews for "I bought on Ebay"

Weird Al

I give it 10 because i love weird Al.


Darkernest responds:

yeah i know.... XD weird al is the best! XD

:\ errr

Kinda sad that people think you wrote the song.

You tried.

should have been longer

I would have given this a much higher score if you had actually finished the song.

Please upload a full and finished version, this was pretty good. And I like the animation, it would have been really boring if it was just pictures.

Also, try to fix the spelling....

it was

good but i noticed a couple of times the subtitles didn't totally match the song and there was at least 1 spelling mistake i noticed in the subtitles as well

Haha! Brings back Memories.

My friend loves this song and when i saw the flash title i kinda of guessed it.

The animation was smooth, i love stickfigure's so graphics aren't a problem, I love how it deplicks images of random bought shit.

I loved this, Voted 5!

Darkernest responds:

XDD hehe thank you very much men! i'm glad you luv it! Xd