Reviews for "FWG Valentines"

I found it strangely addicting.

I really don't know why, because it's so simple. I guess it's just that everything looks good. The animations, the sounds, the background, they all come together and make this a really pleasing game.

Nice to see you again

This was obviously a very simple game. (You didn't even have to click, just move the mouse) I will say that it was still a good game. While not on score with a lot of others I've played, I really thought the simple design and premise made it enjoyable.

Armegalo? You're working for Freeworldgroup now?


nice graphics in the game, looks cool
the game play could use same spice and variation
its interesting for a short while.


Well this was notbad of a game and really comes alive I like the concept of this and collecting all the roses that was a nighty idea I think you could ad some enhancement on this like have a bonus rose or something

Have some special roses that take you to a bonus level



It's pretty much all I can say about it. Nothing new, nothing stands out.