Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

Gas got this. Not going to bother breaking it down

JK: Good flow, some good disses about his career, some filler, alt diss. Went in with some clichés though, ie: clearing out the gas mask, that was MF's angle, thought you should have more originality.

GQ: Some hard hitting personals, start out with call out self-biting, "that's weak- last week" 4 syllable parallel multi. Great. Hit back with career disses just as hard hitting, PiG diss (that hits too) production diss, recycle diss, all factual hard hitting diss.

JK: Meh. 2005 diss was good, double time was pretty good but JK is too slurred to hit that.

GQ: Flow was solid, contrast heavily with JK which gave his flow disses more punch. "Of course I'm gonna google you"- hard punch. JK really did sound like amateur. The rest was kinda filler, but he got away with it because he pretty much exhausted JK disses without resorting to name jokes.

GasMasq for the advance. This was a high quality match, with an average opponent JK could have gotten through, but Gas hit hard and didn't let up.

Everyone'll start yelling "dickriders" soon (probably Gas'll even agree) but that's bullshit. JK lost this pretty straightforwardly.

Gasmasq for the win. Still got it bro!

I like Joey's grizzly 'sore-throat' voice. Gives his verses some character.
Gas came good as usual. (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! /sour grapes)

Joey's fast flow sounded forced, and Gas came and flipped it right away which was pretty damaging.

It's hard to decide here, but I'll go Gas.

Had fun, good shit gas.