Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

Gasmasq hands down ^_^

I'm givin this to Gas.

Joey has better flow and delivery.
Gas sounded monotone, like he was talking.
Joey said he googled Gasmasq and nothing came up. (Generic as fuck)
Gas says "you one and one lost to pigpen and that's just sad" (LMFAO)
Gas to advance, but you better do better on the next one.

Verse 1 - JoeyKeys: I think your voice is great! the dark style is just great!
Verse 2 - Gasmasq: great comeback good voice. the flow ... not that easy to follow
Verse 3 - JoeyKeys: Your flow is more natural. But Gasmasq is more devious in his words.
Verse 4 - Gasmasq: Good counter in words still have problems with the flow!
For me Joey wins it. Not that harsh in words but together with the sound of his voice and the flow makes the better rap for me.

close as hell but joeykeys simply had more sting and he closed out his 2ed verse hard