Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

-JK: sorry/ voice
-JK: inaudible mumbles
-GQ: Distracting ad libs
-JK: choppy mixcut fast flow drop
-GQ: pussy/mirror
-GQ: outros are awesome
JoeyKeys: -3
Gasmasq: -3
JoeyKeys: Delivery,Sick Swag, smooth lyricism 0
Gasmasq: Flips, Relevant Lyrics, presence, flow 1

Gasmasq ftw

Gasmasq busted Joey's closing hits and burned him pretty crispy in his last 16. Joey I would say you lost it on the 'you can't play these keys' line. Whack finisher. Anyways Gas to advance.

Gas got this. Not going to bother breaking it down

This was really cool. I never thought I'd battle a legend like JoeyKeys. Awesome battle bro!

Had fun, good shit gas.