Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

-JK: sorry/ voice
-JK: inaudible mumbles
-GQ: Distracting ad libs
-JK: choppy mixcut fast flow drop
-GQ: pussy/mirror
-GQ: outros are awesome
JoeyKeys: -3
Gasmasq: -3
JoeyKeys: Delivery,Sick Swag, smooth lyricism 0
Gasmasq: Flips, Relevant Lyrics, presence, flow 1

Gasmasq ftw

Joey killed his own flow in the second. I agree with it sounding out of place.

Gas had better flow, better straight up punches.

Vote goes to:


Definitely Gasmasq. Joey had a nice flow at first, but his raspy voice was difficult for me to understand in places. He had some nice disses, but then he pulled out his fast rapping, which I am not a fan of. Gasmasq had a smoother flow, some good flips, and, not that it counts in the voting, but a funny outro.

Its "different" but not bad.