Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

Time to stop this Gas rider parade...there were no specific personals in there. Folks voting against him cuz his voice is efd up...that's Bigred's fault for givin certain ppl passes and not others. I had to do my battle early cuz he wouldn't give me an xxxtension during tax week. So voice quality doesn't matter. Matter fact, props to him for battling with a messd up voice.

Mickey, I love ya bro, your battle with the British Bulldog AxTekk, but goddammit, if you don't stop voting on outros, I swear I'm gonna kill you. WTF it's not part of the battle.

Keys won with specific punches, hands down. And since this is an Internet battle, that counts for a lot. Gas came good, but nothing I haven't heard from him before. It's almost like he was disrespecting, being lazy. That would work if the talent level was really unequal, but Keys doesn't suck, so it just sounded arrogant with nothing to back it up.

The fast flow at the end was a bit out of place. Forced. Gas called him on it. Points there. But Gas had to use punch ins to get some punches across (last week), so that cancels that out. I hate punch ins in battle rap. This is a BATTLE RAP. Shit should be ONE TAKE, no production tricks, doubling voices over, none of that. Anybody who doesn't do that isn't really a battle MC.

So since everyone's mistakes cancelled each other out, gotta go with who hit harder. Keys.

Keys for the win. But my vote doesn't count but who cares. But I love hip hop so who cares...again.

Gasmasq hands down ^_^

Gas got this. Not going to bother breaking it down

Gasmasq just because his flow was nicer to listen to and he made me laugh a lot more with clever punches.

Gasmasq busted Joey's closing hits and burned him pretty crispy in his last 16. Joey I would say you lost it on the 'you can't play these keys' line. Whack finisher. Anyways Gas to advance.