Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

Alright Keys for my vote, Gas didn't have a good flow. it was really off, his punch lines were okay.

Had fun, good shit gas.

This was really cool. I never thought I'd battle a legend like JoeyKeys. Awesome battle bro!

I like Joey's grizzly 'sore-throat' voice. Gives his verses some character.
Gas came good as usual. (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! /sour grapes)

Joey's fast flow sounded forced, and Gas came and flipped it right away which was pretty damaging.

It's hard to decide here, but I'll go Gas.

Joey has better flow and delivery.
Gas sounded monotone, like he was talking.
Joey said he googled Gasmasq and nothing came up. (Generic as fuck)
Gas says "you one and one lost to pigpen and that's just sad" (LMFAO)
Gas to advance, but you better do better on the next one.