Reviews for "CLAB - Joey vs Gasmasq"

JoeyKeys V1 - People have been using name disses against Gasmasq for years now, it's really not clever anymore. Lost to Rav and MadFlex is decent, mayor diss is funny, album diss is much heavier. Drawings diss is decent, philosopher diss is okay.

Gasmasq V1 - Opticals flip is consistent with Keys' finisher. Didn't win until afterward is good, broken flow flip is alright, didn't save you an album / domain flip is awesome. Jaw's wired shut is strong, PiGPEN flip is awesome. Producer diss is decent but a little off-beat.

JoeyKeys V2 - Flow gets worse since last time. Google diss is decent. Same flow since 2005 is okay. Doubletime is bad.

Gasmasq V2 - Interruption line is solid, doubletime flip. Google flip is solid, compliment for both verses is nice. Last several bars are mediocre.

Both of the first verses are the best in the battle. Joey uses a lot of punches but doesn't put enough sting into them. Gasmasq matches the punches with flips of equal quantity and greater quality. Joey doesn't respond with enough flips and even Gas' mediocre second verse is enough to give him the win.

to me its gas hands down the lyrics were simply more intense and kicked major ass
joey had a good flow but so did gas in the end theres no debate gasmasq all the way

close as hell but joeykeys simply had more sting and he closed out his 2ed verse hard

Verse 1 - JoeyKeys: I think your voice is great! the dark style is just great!
Verse 2 - Gasmasq: great comeback good voice. the flow ... not that easy to follow
Verse 3 - JoeyKeys: Your flow is more natural. But Gasmasq is more devious in his words.
Verse 4 - Gasmasq: Good counter in words still have problems with the flow!
For me Joey wins it. Not that harsh in words but together with the sound of his voice and the flow makes the better rap for me.

+ Easier to understand for most of the track
+ 2nd verse came pretty hard, could feel the emotion in the words.
-2nd verse, I feel like you could have ended better.

- Hard to understand a lot of the time
+ Rugged/Raw voice on flow made your verses hit harder
- Google line was kinda lame
+ 2nd verse had some good punches

Overall I feel like Gas had harder punches than Joey. Joey was good but Gas was better.

Gas ftw.