Reviews for "Cat Face 5"


Okay, so this was funny, but it had a few problems. He starts off talking to the old lady, and he goes to get her a blanket. However, he forgets about getting her a blanket and starts talking to Box Cat about food and catnip. This breaks the episode down further by giving each story element only around 15 seconds. The episodes were already in my opinion altogether to short, and now their being broken up into sub-episodes. Anyway, very funny and very well animated, even if this one too seemed a little without punchline. I really do suggest you team up with someone as talented at writing and story structure as you are at cartooning. You two would be unstoppable.

TheWeebl responds:

What is it with you and blankets? Are you some sort of blanket fetishist? Do you go round humping blankets like my cat does?


cool animation but... just not funny at all...


... what?

ok this is weird

i dont get this?!?!?!

what!what! what!

ok please.im giving 5. for the voice ONLY