Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

Is it just me...

..or are your flash animations getting more and more random? *thinks*Badgerbadgerbadger...

Okay, nevermind.

This was kind of bizarre. Not sure what to say, I wasn't really entertained or intrigued. Nice animation, though your voice almost "ruins" it for me since I've seen so many of your animations already and I'm just thinking "That's not a cat, that'sTheWeebl". Anyway, I can't really give you that low of a rating since at least the production values are as good as always. 6/10

Also, HAH, Dzichaderpl is a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I love cat face here and there...

Its nice, but sometimes he is freakish looking and sometimes haunts me....... brrrrrrr. Good job though.


the videos could be longer but in general they are great bits with pricleless humor. good job

catface !

Not hillarious, but pretty cute :) Silly catface !

Catface like the marihuana! O.o

that plant is a marihuana?