Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

not bad

i have two things to say about this cute and amusing it was short yes put simple and nice and also you took the bother on trying to spread to the world about to save energy on not bad not bad at all

To be honest..

Well, the theme song was funny, i could hardly understand the cats accent, so i didn't think it was funny...these 8 points are purely for the song...


the only thing i really liked about it is the full screen mode

Is he made of, like, helium, or something?

Seriously? How does he fly through the air? Is it just because he's got a catface? Or is it because hes got the body of a cat and the face of a cat? Silly catface...

haha this was cute it has a very good direction in bringing out humor with some fresh looking art and animation, and great sounds aswell nice job overall.

Don't think you could improve but if anything I would go with some subtitles just for something of an extra feature.