Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

Pretty good

I like it very much:) good quality of sound, good animantion, funny humor and good backgrounds:)


it seemed silly but still made me smile. Nice tip about using environmentally friendly lightbulbs too ;D

what a big head

I loved the intro song, id like to download it!

Browser short

Back in the old days of television there existed things called shorts, little 2 minute cartoons with exaggerated characters and quick punch lines that would serve as comic released in between the actual programing. Cat Face is almost identical to those obnoxious flicks with the sole exception being that you view on your web browser instead of on your TV. And of course it has all the same flaws including an obnoxious intro that's almost as long as the actual flick with a corny and annoying theme song.

That said I have to admit actually liking Cat Face. So it's only 2 minutes long but that works for a simple little in browser video and it's a hell of alot better than alot of other movies on this site that helplessly outstay their welcome by dragging out jokes that were never that funny to begin with. It's hard to to criticize something that's so short but for the same reason I can't justify giving a particularly high score either so lets judge it for it merits. The voice acting is superb, the illustration is adaquit, and worth a laugh or two, so you might as well check it out.

Of course in the time it takes to read this review you could have already watch the whole thing which makes wonder if there was any point reviewing it in the first place. Then I remember that everything on this site is pointless in one way or another so quit complaining and watch the damn movie already.

Loving your Pop-culture References!

Yeah, this one was funny also, however it wasn't as funny as previous episodes. I'm still literally ROFLMFAO though.