Reviews for "Cat Face 5"


the other Flashs, so i gonna leave my Comment now ^^, its Just Awesome, also ur voice makes him sound more like an Cat, i really like this :D


worth the watch, random, loved it! cant wait to see more! lol how did you come up with the idea of catface anyways? Boxcat jokes were pretty awesome :D


that wa fuggin funny


Hilarious. you know, i grow my own catnip for my cats. it started as a few stalks, and it just took over the garden. Nip, as far as the eye can see. good thing my room doesn't face the garden, or the cats would be freaking out. They are both huge stoners.

Music time...

I really do love the beginning theme song to catface, i've got it on my phone and mp3! XD
I think you should make a spin off called dog face and it would be a really big hit.