Reviews for "hot ham water 2-5"

Nice, but I've got a question

The flash was really nice, didn't crack me up but kept me smiling all the way through. But in the Civics Lesson episode, before the judge speaks about the sentences, something flashes on the screen for a split-second. What was that?

I dont like it

I just dont like the jokes and the whole story but I'am giving Stars for the good animtation and quality of the flash.


Voice acting sucks. The plots good but its nothing special. nothing worth noting in the animation ether, just talking.

Not Arrested Development

Hot Ham Water and Civics Lesson were enough to pique my interest. All this might have been enough to get me to watch this, but watching it made me regret watching it. I only watched episode 2 and there was one funny part which was the sock getting fingerprinted.


The last one pissed me off.