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Reviews for "hot ham water 2-5"

very random and awesome

I liked it because it was simplistic, original, and funny.
It doesn't get TOO random by relying on internet references, and also it doesn't get crappy with moral messages like other flash submissions.

Kinda reminds me of the Blockhead series and On the Moon series.

Oh, i was also wondering, on the episode about halloween, when he said there was something "sticky" at the bottom of his bag, was that a reference to the dangerous halloween prank of dry ice in the bag or is it just a sperm joke?


That Made ... So Much Sense! L M A O!!! Man don't ever stop making these awesome flashes! Props for the great imagination and effort in making it into a flash. Keep up the good work!


Niiiiiicce :D

the name is grose though :P

I feel weird

umm wow that was the smartest dumb flash i ever seen i am some what afraid that at some point i will shit my pants while remembering the crazy funny quotes.


love the sock puppet