Reviews for "Cat Face 4"


Ive watched the first 4 and ive come to the conclusion that this is stupid. I figured it might get better as the series went on, but I was wrong. It may have been only a few minutes, but Im never going to get those minutes of my life back. May be a staple of newgrounds, but its a staple that should be removed. For ever. And be buried with those copies of ET video games for the atari. Yes, I went there. Im surprised its lasted this long.


Funny is good for your brains, kids.

Remember to eat your greens kids...

... it helps with the pooping. LOL! Random as Youtube Poop, and a good deal more creative.


These are pretty funny. I love how the last censor says "Hello" lol.

Also, Catface's advice at the end is hillarious (as always).

"Remember to eat your greens, kids. Good for the pooping. I know."


beep something involving your mother beep sexual slur involving dog beep rudies lol