Reviews for "Cat Face 4"


i am quite the weebl fanboy :D
you can see the catfaces on youtube already and there are much more episodes posted there than on newgrounds.
great little video
catface is one of the best

I know you have more.

I know you have 10. I've seen them. Don't hide them. Great movie btw.

Ha! Nosebleed.

Since Jessica Cabo is a friend of mine (Remember Season 1?), I love your portrayal of Ramsay. I'll have to show this to her next time I see her.
Funny stuff.. body of a cat... face of a cat. Brilliant!


EPIC WIN!! I could not stop laughing through this entire thing! I love the theme song! I hope you upload the cat face theme song onto the audio portal so i can download it and listen to it all day in school on my iPod!