Reviews for "Legend of Sanji Part 1"

Voice acting kinda needs work...

Lemme get the bad stuff outta the way first. The voice acting on Sanji isn't as expressive as the anime. I know some liberties are taken in his character but it would have been great to be higher pitched in regards to when he's around a girl. As well, there are parts where the audio just can't be heard. Plot was good but I find the pirates outrunning racers a tad of a stretch. If it were something to do with their powers making them faster, that I could have understood better. And seriously, Usopp with a British accent... ???

Now the good stuff. You had Sanji as the main character. He's like my #2 and I give bonus points for that. The characters were pretty close to the original and you kept them faithful to their respective games. I look forward to watching the next one. *adds to faves*

Keep up the good work.


that was fun to watch...

no bad

its kinda difficult to rate a sprite flash mainly cause it isnt drawn completely by yourself but you seem to have put a lot of work and thought into this and it has a decent developing storyline so ill give you 8/10 for effort it was actualy pretty good as far as storyline and the voices were kinda quiet compared to the music but i saw what happened with that, anyway overall good job you dont see sprite flashes that have as interesting of a storyline as this one does

abdur17 responds:

thanks dude. all you see these days with sprites are just fighting. you have to have comedy and a stiry in them one in a while.


this is good stuff :D...cant wait too see pt 2! =D, it was funny, cool, i give it 5/5 10/10...keep up the excellent work man...

Pretty good.

I sometimes do and sometimes don't like sprite animations and it usually depends on the amount of effort put in, and I'm glad to say that this is a sprite animation that I did like. I'm very glad that you used all real sounds and voices for this because it makes it way easier to watch that way. There were just a few places where I couldn't hear what they were saying but it was mostly well put together. Good job putting this together, it was worth the watch. :)

abdur17 responds:

Thanks a bunch. There is more where that came from.