Reviews for "Defy the Faith"

The song is amazing, but i'm giving it a 4 because its just so dang long!

On the bright side, it wasn't repetitive!

Nice work!

nice!!!!! i though it needed lyrics but it does't

Very good. It has such an epic feel to it, like some sort of giant boss fight or something and not that shitty Final Fantasy kind of boss fight, but like a stabby, God of War kind of boss fight. But it also has the relaxing feeling to it too, like I could fall asleep to it. Fucking incredible dude!

Great song. Goot to pvp to while i play WoW!

Without fail you deliver an amazing performance once again! I really love the clarity throughout the whole of the piece. You're use of synth and keys is spectacular. The acoustic sounds great and has a really sweet tone to it, It's beautifully full, and the choir above it is a wonderful touch. It's amazing to see how much your sound has developed over the years! I remember hearing some of your stuff on here as far back as like '05 and telling all my friends this was the shit to hear. And now almost 7 years later I come back just as amazed at the very first time. Once a fan always a fan. Keep fuckin' rockin' man!