Reviews for "Defy the Faith"

Fuck man, I'm only just getting into progressive and you're kicking ass at it :P
Fucking epic song though man, if you lived here you'd have me replaced in my band haha, either that or we'd team up and create the most epic prog-metal guitar duo lol!
Seriously man, this shit is like near John Petrucci level, kinda remnds me of some of his solo stuff actually. You sir, have come a long way as a musician/composer/artist/engineer, Jesus jack-of-all-tradin Christ! lol

So, still up for a collab sometime? :P

Cheers man, keep up the epicness!

I so in. Canihaz.

Wauw man this is just A-WE-SOME, seriously, it's perfect!

I rarelly gives 5 stars, but this song was "perfect" for me! Not too short, not repetitive and creative!

Amazing!Nuf said.