Reviews for "Defy the Faith"

Love the strong start! Totally unexpected, and the rifts :o
The change-up's were also not expected. The melody has a DBZ BT3 feel to it, and THAT is pretty beast. The kick up at 2:30 was utterly unexpected, as well as the atmosphere it brings along with it.
Your Hi-hats could use a little empowering, as they are drowned out by the rest of the instruments, but it's still pretty awesome.

The mellow dramatic feel from 4:00 - 4:15 was another surprise twist, and fit SO DAMN PERFECTLY with the rest of the track...amazing work right there, the random change in your rifts also made it more interesting and worth the full listen, TWICE!

I love this man. It shows just how much you put into this, and I know the feeling cuz I make my own music and I've come no where near close to an 8 minute song. Keep it up

Great song, I really love it. I really would have liked to see the part that played from like 23 seconds to 46 seconds come up like once or twice more though. But whatever, that's just me anyways. This is totally beast, great job Xenogenocide!

i love the e-guitarre!

Let metal never die!!! âTM¥

I am an avid metal head, and this shit is pretty bad ass. I like how it's heavy but not too brutal. It has a nice progressive feel to it and I like that. Way to go!