Reviews for "Defy the Faith"

I really like the progression. Good job!

Sometimes the Guitar remember me Static X Band.Really good man. 5 stars xd

I've listened to almost all of your tracks since I heard "Legions of the Underworld". You've definitely developed your sound and skill and you should be damn proud.

Began in usual Xeno style. 2 seconds in I already 5ed it and downloaded it. =P

So good job as usual. I love it. The harmonies work great. My only complaint is it needs more kick.

Nice work! The song is awesome. Love the shredding and the harmonies!
I would suggest spending more time fine tuning EQ's. I can tell you got guitar EQ'ing down, but It sounds like the bass is fighting for space in the low end and the kick isn't getting to get through as well because of it. I also think the stereo image could be more present in the drums as well as giving them some more full bodied sound through compression or limiting. It will definitely take your track to the next level!