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Reviews for "Doomguy Vs. Trimble"

dude that sucked



that was good but sucked

Flat-line responds:


Not bad.....

But doesn't really have a point. Nice animation though.

It's ok, but I like your doom series ALOT better.

Hmm....It is funny but, I still love your doom series 50 x better. Sorry for only giving it a 5 : (

Sorry....It just doesnt compare to your doom series. But, that doesn't mean I hate it, or you.

You are very talented at making flash movies/games, and you are one of my favirote authors
on Newgrounds...

Flat-line responds:

Thanks. But please remember that it's just an EXPERIMENT!

Haha a pleasant surprise.

I thought it would suck big time being fairly new.But this was a very nice surprise.Great animation!