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Reviews for "Doomguy Vs. Trimble"


This was just a short silly flash involving the Doom guy and some funny looking character i guess you made up,i did get a cheap laugh from it but i still would have liked some kind of sound involved.


I like how you preserved the badassitude of the doom guy. I would have been kind of annoyed if Trimble had kicked his ass, or even slightly hurt him with his feeble flailings. Now what I'd REALLY like to see is the Doom Guy smoke the powerpuff girls with a BFG 9000. And you could even make it funny. Have him miss and then they'll be prancing around and acting arrogant, but then the green ball will hit some far wall behind them while he's still looking at them and then they'll get fried. Make it happen, man. Make it happen. The people have spoken.

This was just aweful.........

You need to fix everything thats wrong with this piece of crap like go somewhere with the fight because its too repetitive and how about some blood like the fight is actually happening instead of the same thing happening over and over again!!!!!

Pretty good

Good movie you got there =)
Keep up the good work.


Well this was an interesting fight . . . the scenery could use some refreshing, but other than that it's all great. Smooth animation and wellworked on graphics, nothing I can complain about. Keep up the good work!