Reviews for "CLAB - PiGPEN vs suddle"

It was Suddle by a landslide until that outro hit. Fuck man, he dropped the ball on that shit, so it's all about Pigpen by default.

I'm kidding cuz I'm not a goddamn fag. Suddle wins cuz of flow. Pig had some strong punches as usual, but Suddle kept up with him on that and kept perfect flow. Pig had the two knockouts tho, "I won this before the song got done loading" and the Willy Wonka line. That was a big LOL. Although he totally gave away his age. Nobody gets that reference, you ancient motherfucker.

Suddle for the win though. He wins the troll title. Wow. What prize does that bring, like one of those little naked dolls with the Buddah belly and weird hair and $5.14 of NG store credit?

Oh yeah, I'll do a tag team battle, me and Teq vs Pig and Suddle anyday. Fuck the twos of yall. Even do it for no money, cuz you guys are so personally repulsive to me.

Oh yeah, Pig dropped the ball on that intro too so I zero-bombed the shit out of this battle cuz intros are the most important part of this shit.

Suddle wins.

---(3) Pig: Picked the beat and then hated on it?
- Pig: Recycled Laptop Suddle diss
- Suddle: sounded bored
-Suddle: whack beat
- Pig: Lame pitched dubs
- Suddle: <- a veteran?
-Suddle: making it rain

PiGPEN: - 5 . Humour, delivery, relevant shots, flips= - 1
Suddle: -4 . Flow, lyrical language, swag = 0

Suddle wins.

Fuck both of you.

I think Pig does have some originality here, even though his flow doesn't sit quite right with me, his lyrics aren't bad at all. And re: his flow, it's... different.
As much as I dig suddle, I don't think he came as hard as he could. Few personals etc. Much better flow for sure, but I dunno...

I'll go for Pig.

Verse 1 - PiGPEN
Don't like the flow tempo that much.... sorry. It doesn't work for me. Sharp lines but
Verse 2 - suddlenuance.
Your rap fits the sounds better and works in a different way butt fuck was a find!
Verse 3 - PiGPEN
I am not feeling it.
Verse 4 - suddlenuance.
lost the opponent pigpen in the previous verse and after 5 seconds in verse 4 i declare suddlenuance winner.