Reviews for "CLAB - PiGPEN vs suddle"

---(3) Pig: Picked the beat and then hated on it?
- Pig: Recycled Laptop Suddle diss
- Suddle: sounded bored
-Suddle: whack beat
- Pig: Lame pitched dubs
- Suddle: <- a veteran?
-Suddle: making it rain

PiGPEN: - 5 . Humour, delivery, relevant shots, flips= - 1
Suddle: -4 . Flow, lyrical language, swag = 0

Suddle wins.

Pig needs to work on flow and he always seems like he's trolling. It also seems like he squeezes words in the bars sometimes.
Suddle for the win. Great rapper. Has crazy delivery. He just lacks wordplay. Bring some wordplay to the next battle. Get some haymakers. Knock them rappers the fuck out.

I'm voting for PiG... fuck the hipsters.

Wow. PiG, sloppy flow, could have done so much more with disses. Suddle, sloppy flows, generally bad disses.

Only way I can pick a winner is if I totally ignore the first two verses, because you two only really brought it in the second half.

PiG: Too many bad disses ie: "Red ribbon stereotype". Some good shots especially on the fourteen bars.

Suddle: VTR diss, Teq related diss pretty good, too much filler subtracts.

Giving it to Suddle. Why would PiG pick a beat he couldn't flow over?

I expected more of this battle. I also hate this beat, so that doesn't help.

PiGPEN - More emotion, worse flow, good closing on both verses, some simple rhymes, picked this beat only to complain about it (???), break you like your laptop diss, Tyrannic/Titanic/Atlantic diss, daddy/back seat diss.

Suddle - Better flow, more filler, sounded pretty bored with this battle, outback flip, tyrannic flip, Virginia Tech legend.

Too much filler in Suddle's second to give it to him, vote goes to PiGPEN, but just barely.