Reviews for "CLAB - PiGPEN vs suddle"

Verse 1 - PiGPEN
Don't like the flow tempo that much.... sorry. It doesn't work for me. Sharp lines but
Verse 2 - suddlenuance.
Your rap fits the sounds better and works in a different way butt fuck was a find!
Verse 3 - PiGPEN
I am not feeling it.
Verse 4 - suddlenuance.
lost the opponent pigpen in the previous verse and after 5 seconds in verse 4 i declare suddlenuance winner.

Suddle for the win. His flow was better, stayed on beat better.

I think Pig does have some originality here, even though his flow doesn't sit quite right with me, his lyrics aren't bad at all. And re: his flow, it's... different.
As much as I dig suddle, I don't think he came as hard as he could. Few personals etc. Much better flow for sure, but I dunno...

I'll go for Pig.

Suddle easily. He flows way better over the beat that Pig picked, and his disses hit home with me a lot more. He gets about as personal as you can get and almost sounds like he has a vendetta against pig, whose disses are funny but lack that righteous fury. Sure there was some filler here and there, but even that was entertaining and the positives outweigh the negatives.

PigPen was alright, I definitely felt his agression more than Suddle, but it felt like he was trying to channel Tyler the Creator when he's intentionally rapping poorly.

Suds dead onions all day