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Reviews for "Lucas Chronicles Eps 1"

its ok

its ok but..:
the buttons were boring and not new.
the buttons were on the other site every time someone else talks.
you can't hit space bar, you have to click it.
all these details are very important.
people get annoyed if they have to click every single time at an other place.
the style is ok.
good sprite using.
i huge thing and thats why i gave you an 7:
its the same story were sonic playes in.
always 7 diamonts.
always fighting.
come up with a story that isn't used.
thats it.
sorry if i make some misstakes in my grammar or offended someone (and i don't know how)
7/10 4/5


SoraMegamanSonic responds:

I used that style so if someone accidentally presses the button again and misses something, that can stop from that happening. And, it's not diamonds, it's jewels, and it's a star on what I showed.

But yeah, thanks.

um ok

good but why did you make his eyes red you might as well made him smoking a bong on the loading screen

SoraMegamanSonic responds:

I like his eyes red. And he was my first fan character. My new ones are pretty much better.

it was good

the animation was good the story was decent but the music SUCKS sorry but the music was terrible please pick a diffrent song in you next one. and also why is your username soramegamansonic

Not bad

The music wasn't really my style, and maybe you can add an option to change the games screen size? i personally have a Mammoth monitor and it game was smaller then my hand ;p But overall its not bad! ; D i give you a 3 for effort and a 2 for helping me pass the time

SoraMegamanSonic responds:

Yeah, the music's not really all that good, Flash just won't read the good ones.
Well, if I made the screen bigger, it might decrease the speed. But thanks.


You took me by surprise with that one. Sonic is usually a platformer. You're breaking new grounds! (haha, I crack myself up). Ok, here goes:
-Music is very loud, and still much softer than the battle sound effects. Look into balancing everything to a closer level, and a softer one.
-During the cut scene, the buttons are very... well, we made stuff that looked like that in a High School class. Maybe put an arrow on it, keep it in the same spot every time, shoot for some design and consistancy. While its great to change designs slightly between characters, you don't have to invert everything. The massive character picture (It's not a bad thing, trust me) makes the speaker obvious, and you don't need the whole dialogue window design to change as well.
-Battle was very one dimensional. Maybe have intelligent enemies - ones that use stronger attacks at the beginning and weaker ones after you're damaged, or the other way around, to make battles interesting. There are many ways to mix up a boss in a battle, simply by planning his attacks. Be creative, not random, with it.

I can see you put a lot of effort into this game, and I admire your dedication. This game shows much promise, and although RPG's are certainly not my thing, I will certainly look forward to seeing a sequel (or edits =P)

SoraMegamanSonic responds:

Yeah, I'm still trying to make platformer games but... I suck.

Sorry for the music being loud and the soft sound effects... I'm still trying to balance them out.

I suck at making dialogue boxes...

Yeah, sorry for it being an easy fight. I'll make the next ones a bit harder.