Reviews for "Mr Money Bagz!"


I adore the spryo series, have all of em', and btw im a scaley, so i say THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE TOWARDS THE SERIES! MONEYBAGS MUST GET RAPED TO MAKE EVERYTHING FREE. NJ

kanamomashouse responds:

haha yes dude, fucking yes. I love spyro 3 because at the end you get to chase his ass down for all the money hes got. :P


I must say the original Spyros (before the conversion to Gamecube) were amazing. I remember buying a PS and just playing it for hours.

Good ol' nostalgia. Oh right and this was like the game...I guess.

kanamomashouse responds:

yes i agree. the first three dominated all series on the ps1 cept crash, crash and spyro, in my opinion, are fucking equals.

that was pretty funny

that is exactly like the game

kanamomashouse responds:

Yes man it is. thank you for this review.


I AM A PIMP!!!!!!

kanamomashouse responds:


Endless loop?

It wasn't very animated, just a still image with changing text being read by Microsoft Sam. Now, the text was funny, but when he started saying "I am a pimp!" over and over, it was a little funny, but then it didn't end!

kanamomashouse responds:

wow its a loop? i didn't know that. thank you for stating the obvious.