Reviews for "CrackShot!"


I was kinda hopin for a special ending if I got all pro scores =(. Incredibly fun game. Like Xiao Xiao, this transcends stickdom.


Very fun and addictive game and nice use of physics. The bullet time was a good idea too. It was the music and the clean but cool graphics that really pulled it together though, definitley among the funnest shooters here.


and surprisingly fun to play. Very addictive.

Especially liked the surprise ending. :P

5/5 10/10

Fun and entertaining!

I like it!

The-EXP responds:

I like you!

Pretty cool

Haven't unlocked all the levels but the "bullet time" trick is neat even though its a bit annoying that you cant shoot again until the bullet hits something. The later levels are hard to but well I guess I'm not good with ricochete (or however you spell it)

The-EXP responds:

You can fire as many bullets as you like, but at one percent speed how fast can the guy pull the trigger? Everything is lowed down, even the ammount of time it takes him to get a shot ready :p