Reviews for "CrackShot!"

Excellent game

The different approaches to finish a level for the expert score were a smart thing to do ;)
Great work

And the ending was just so random XD
Those evil targets were dangerous all right :)

Keep at it, going straight into my favs

great but shortlived

It was a great game, only flaw was that it was way to short.


Fun stuff. Was missing a few features but I liked Bullet Time! Also theending made me LOL, congrats!


Pretty good game, designed very nice, and the game itself is fun.
Good job, I like this game alot :D

"Not bad at all"

Fairly easy and fun! I found myself amazed at the fact that the controls handle so well with such a game. And to add the ricoching bullets and the puzzling challenges was sheer genius!
Now, confident and up to speed, I'm gonna play Halo 3 online and kick some ass!
But seriously, I thought it felt too short and there wasn't much to do but revisit old levels to beat my score.
But aside from all that, the art was great and so was this game!