Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Cool man.

You got a good world going with lots of weird stuff man. I really liked the slugs i thought those were plain badass.



This is the first of your work I've seen. I love this, but I am a big horror genre/weird stuff fan. As for what you said about plot, this has as much plot as any of the acclaimed Brackenwood series, so don't be so down on yourself about it. I think you've created a damn cool world here and I hope to see more of it animated.

cool but nonsense

a bit boring but its cool

Tom And Jerry

It reminded me of Tom and Jerry just a bit creepier, but all the same it was good and keep them coming.

person below then peron above

I do believe its supposed to make you think mortician.
Anyways, little bit choppy on the animation, but pretty fricken sweet all the same.
Please keep em coming.