Reviews for "Mortasheen"

dude you rule i love all your animations

ive seen all the fear hole episodes and i love your website the funniest thing is the biology of pokemon dude you are a saint could you do some more articles about the alien movies? i know you have done the toys but i would like to hear your opinions about the biology of the aliens anyway loved this flash mortasheen is here! hope you add more stuff on your site soon!!! good luck with future projects!

Great characters

Your characters have originality which is great to see. I also checked out some of your other creations and strongly recommend it to other people who liked these characters. I will be sure to watch other animations you have made.

One eye

I thought this one was great, i really thought it was funny that the little monster thing trying to chase down the one eyed man, it looked like a dinosaur and it just couldn't win. I BELIEVE THAT IT WILL WIN ONE DAY!!

Heh heh, cool.

That was pretty sweet. You have a knack for designing creepy looking monsters. The chainsaw duck was by far my favorite.

Exellently ingenious

Reminds me of a combination of 9 and Bitey Castle. I really like it!