Reviews for "Mortasheen"


the mumy thing looks creepy without its mask

Pokemon meets Hellraiser

I already thought the Mortasheen creatures were creepy, yet vaguely "cute-ish" in presentation. ...This cartoon only proves my previous assumption. It's like Pokemon designed by Marilyn Manson or something.


O_o.......*face turns red*BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!Wha t the FUCK!!!!

Finally Mortasheen in color and motion!

I've wanted to see your Mortasheen characters in action and color for a while now, and I have. The thing that makes your monster animations so great are the trivial (hardly!) details. Like Cthulhu's butler's (cant seem to remember his name) patch of skin that stretches when he talks. Just little things like that i notice on all your characters shows you dont draw them, but imagine them, know how they work, and then draw them. Well done, sir. The only criticism is i wanted to see the escarghoul get dismembered explicitly! *hug*


I thougt it would be longer.