Reviews for "Typical Call of Duty..."


lol the funny thing is thats how it is...i dont know how many movies there have been made whit kids been like that in a game...

oh well..

its good animated and liked how u found something we all know and made a parody

its a little short and its swings in in the sound so u can easy miss the joke if u adjust your sound worng.

all in all a good movie there gets a:
8 / 10 a big 8 form me
hope im gonna see alot more like this form u

I lol'd

It's hilarious

True dat..

My little cousin sounds like that... xD But very true, kids shouldn't be playing games like this.. What if they grow up to be killers?? Its like 'Oh, well they played violent video games at young age.. They maybe think this is ok??'

Hate kids...

Games like this are not for little dipshits... there for dudes like 14 and up.

Short but Funny!

this is halirous it brings back the old times of pissing kids off :)